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Cover der ersten Fortepiano-CD von Walter Riemer

The government of Niederösterreich every year allots sponsoring money (Euro 7000,- for 2016), which helps particularly for financing the new grand piano.

We are very grateful for this.

../Schriftzug 'Bundesdenkmalamt Österreich'

Logo des Bundesdenkmalamt Österreich

The Bundesdenkmalamt (Federal monument conservation agency) has frequently helped with advice as well as financially since the castle was entered in the status of protection by May 2004.

We are very grateful for this

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Occasionally we used the following halls in Vienna earlier, but since 2006 this happens more often:

Foto des Salvator-Saals

A baroque jewel, not too well known, with wonderful acoustics is the Salvator Halll, former summer refectory of Mariahilf clousters near Mariahilf church, now parsonage. The building was established in 1768/69; in 1770 Vinzenz Fischer (born in Fürstenzell 1729 died in Vienna 1810 ) painted the enormous ceiling fresco, the transfiguration of the Apostle Paulus. Josef von Pichler painted the founders of the Barnabite order in Grisaille technique. This photo shows our fortepiano on the podium.

In front of the Mariahilf church the Haydn monument is situated; a reason more not to neglect Haydn in the Salvator Hall.

One of the ground floor halls in the former factory (built 1870 ) of Bösendorfer in Graf Starhemberg street 14, was adapted in 1981 as the new Bösendorfer Hall (the historical one no longer existing) and reconditioned in 2001.

In the meantime some our concerts took place there; the most important were the “Spanish Night” in spring 2006 and the festive concert celebrating the 75th Birthday of Mimi Coertse (famous singer at Vienna State Opera in the 1960s and 1970s) in June 2007.

Unfortunately, this hall is no more available since the site was closed by Bösendofer in 2010. Our activities were moved to Salvator Hall (see above).

Foto des Bösendorfer-Saals

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The government of Niederösterreich allotted sponsoring money (Euro 6500,-) for 2005, which helped particularly for financing the new grand piano as well as advertising in the magazine "Bühne".

We are very grateful for this.

Note: The effect of this expensive advertising was very near to Zero!

Bösendorfer also helped with Euro 1000,--.



The government of Niederösterreich allotted sponsoring money (Euro 1000,-) for 2004 and for 2003, which helped particularly for financing the new grand piano.

The new Bösendorfer Grand Piano arrived in spring 2004! More datails (in German) HERE and HERE!

Der neue Flügel Bösendorfer 225

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Bild Klimts, das dem Schloss Niederfellabrunn ähnelt

Did Gustav Klimt paint Niederfellabrunn Castle?

Being interested in culture of any kind, in February 2003 we visited the exhibition "Klimt Landscapes" at Upper  Belvedere Castle in Vienna; think of our surprise to find a painting that could well have been painted in the courtyard of Niederfellabrunn Castle: Gustav Klimt (1862-1918), Forestry house in Weissenbach/Attersee, Upper Austria (painted 1912).

We invite you to click on the small image to see the painting larger in size.

Invitations, Programs etc.
in 4-color print

For the special occasion of the concert mentioned below at Belvedere-Schlössel we produced a color invitation for the first time. Although the design was made by us (like everything else), the actual printing had to be delegated to a copy shop.

Meanwhile we own a color laser printer and are able to print invitations and programs in excellent color quality.

Examples of Invitations and programs HERE!

Die erste Einladung im Farbdruck

Belvedere-Schlössel in StockerauOur program was: Mozart, Rondo for piano and Orchestra A-Major, K 386; Kreutzer, Septett op. 62; Beethoven, Rondino WoO 25; Mozart, piano concerto A-Major, K 488

Our concert on July 2, 2000 at Belvedere Castle in Stockerau was a highlight in several respects:


  • This was the first concert too big for our own concert hall: a chamber orchestra of 14 musicians found enough room to rehearse, but there would have been hardly any space left for an audience.
  • Our chamber orchestra was international: Musicians from Brazil, Germany, Canada, Corea, Slovakia, Switzerland, Hungary and of course Austria participated.
  • The concert, played on historical instruments (reaching from old natural horns to fortepiano) was enthusiastically praised by the audience; the impressing ambiente of the castle contributed, too.

A new experience for us was the world first performance of Peter Barcaba's Schöpfungsgebet (creation prayer) for voice and string quartet on August 22, 1999. The audience was very impressed by the music as well as the performance (Goldberg Quartet and Béatrice Petitet) and praised the composer.

Vaulted room at Niederfellabrunn castle

Meanwhile establishing a second hall for concerts as well as for buffet use with a size near 100 m² has been finished. Although we cannot offer a Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand there, we are sure the room will be suitable for various performances. In the center axis there are 2 massive pillars, so 6 cross-shaped vaults result.

Gewölberaum im Schloss Niederfellabrunn

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