Our earlier Web Site was often praised, but also occasionally criticized (overloaded, unclear, hard to navigate ).

It had grown in the course of many years (since 1995) organically (or sometimes also unorganically) and had adopted increasingly and already predominantly the character of an archive, where you are (shouild be) able to literally find everything about us. Important current information was often no longer easily discoverable.

In the meantime the techniques of Web Site design and organization had developed enormously, and so it was high time for a reorganization.

Alte Web-Site

Fortunately daughter Veronika Riemer studied relevantly and was able to establish the basic design with reasonable effort. Father Walter Riemer had then to transfer the old contents, also examining them critically. This was a task of well over two work weeks.

Under this aspect we had to reduce the English version of the Web Site, particularly in the archival sections, which will also save us much time in the maintenance.

Intermission buffet

Our intermission buffet is also much praised, particularly for the spread bread slices. The best liked recipes for the spreading are available here, unfortunately in German only (we feel not qualified for making translations in the field of gastronomy).

Buffet im Hof