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Concert Season 2024
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Our 30th concert season 2017 ended duly with the last concert at Niederfellabrunn castle featuring the piano recital of Anna Volovitch (see concerts 2017). There will be some non-long-term planned special concerts in the future; our regular visitors will be informed by us.

Since 2028 our former stronghold for concerts in Vienna (Salvator Hall) was for many months no more available, there will be no Mahogany Series any more. Recitals with fortepiano, however, started in place at Oberrohrbach Church (details in German only).

Folder of this year

No more folders from 2018 on! No more year-posters!

Earlier folders can be downloaded here (hier frühere Folder) !

Corona predicament:

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Hier werden wie seit jeher unsere Konzerte, sobald fixiert, angeboten.