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Concert Season 2017:

Concerts at Niederfellabrunn castle (details on German page):

Saturday, March 25, 18:00: Opening concert with Ernst Kovacic (violin) with Mathilde Horsiangou (piano).
Saturday, April 8, 18:00: Armin Egger, solo guitar.
Sarurday, April 29, 18:00: Well known Agnes Palmisano (voice), this time with pianist Paul Gulda.
Saturday, May 20, 18:00: Again Anna Magdalena Kokits, piano.
Saturday, May 27, 18:00: Takeshi Kakehashi, blind pianist from Japan with Wolfgang David (violin).
Saturday, June 10, 18:00:
Paul Badura-Skoda, Grand Seigneur of pianists.
Saturday, June 24, 18:00: Fabian Franco-Ramirez (flute) and Rainer Maria Zehetbauer (guitar).
Saturday, September 16, 18 h: Eggner Trio (Duo piano/cello because of injure of the violinist).
Saturday, September 30, 18:00: Daniel Johannsen (Tenor) and Eva Hinterreithner (Mezzo) will sing Lied cycles based on Eichendorff texts: Schumann (Liederkreis op. 39) and Hugo Wolf. Piano: Walter Riemer.
Saturday, October 14, 18:00: Anna Volovitch, pianistic import from Russia, will perform again: Schumann, Chopin, Liszt. How: See YouTube.

We shall be glad to supply further information :

Mahogany Concert series
November 12 - 23 (to be planned).

Mini-Mahogany concerts 2017

for reasons of difficult dating at present no concerts.

Please see Zyklen.php .