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In the "industry" there is a general opinion nowadays, that the CD is dead (or on best way there).

We have been making CD recordings of all concerts at Niederfellabrunn castle for many years. The copyright of these CDs is exclusively with the musicians; the recordings are not commercially used.

Occasionally we produced demo CDs for our musical friends. We have the necessary professional audio equipment, in addition suitable studio rooms (in particular our concert hall, which can be made "nearly", anyhow sufficiently, sound proof), an outstanding piano (Boe225 model 225, year of construction 2003), if necessary also a fortepiano. We also have the necessary know-how in the areas of the audio technology (Walter Riemer taught this subject for several years and in the course of time set up his studio equipment) and also for graphic design.

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In 2005 Walter Riemer recorded J.S. Bach's "Art of the Fugue" with this equipment, for the first time ever worldwide on a fortepiano. The double CD was produced by the Austrian Broadcasting company (ORF) as ORF-CD and was marketed from June 2006 at ORF-Shop (EUR 21.70 + expenses), naturally also in the specialized trade.

We realized that we were quite capable of accomplishing such a project with our possibilities alone, and the next planned project of the pianist Walter Riemer served also as a test in that respect.


Bach's "Goldberg variations" were recorded at the end of April/beginning of May 2007 at Niederfellabrunn castle and by the end of May 2007 the production company delivered the customized CDs to us, thus within approximately a month! The product is industry standard: CD with 5-color label print, booklet and inlay card with 4-color print, jewel box, cellophane wrapping.

This originally encouraged us to generally offer this service to anyone. Unfortunately, however, we are now lacking the time to continue this service, since Walter Riemer has very much expanded his activities as a pianist.


We are marketing CDs as well as payable downloads via Internet. At the beginning we offered only two CDs in our new Web Shop. Meanwhile we offer two more CDs as well as download of tracks.

You can freely listen to or download a few movements of "The Art of the Fugue" and "Goldberg variations" as well as the rest of CDs offered in our Web-Shop; should you decide to buy one of our CDs, we shall appreciate this very much!

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